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The Glenrothes 1995 (Review 2.0)

Okay, Review 2.0 is not exactly a fair statement… My earlier review of the Glenrothes 1995 Vintage was of the 2015 bottling. This review is of the same vintage, but the 2016 bottling – a year longer in the wood and a 21 year old whisky, overall!

As It was not that terribly long ago that I reviewed the 2015 bottling, I won’t dally on the backstory and all the little details. Rather, I’ll get right into the review, with a focus on any differences that I can discern between the two. 

The Glenrothes 1995 Vintage, bottled in 2016, is once again a 43% abv whiskey. This time the price was closer to $80 CDN. 

To the Eye

An extra year in the casks has not added much to the visual presentation of the whisky, at least as far as I can tell. It remains a brilliantly clear, honey-coloured dram. The skinny legs are back too, although not as reluctant as I thought they were last year. 

In the Nose

I still find the sweet, malty aromas that I enjoyed previously although I am getting less toasted coconut and far more of the juicy red fruits. There is a definite sweet, toasty quality about this nose but, today, it carries more cinnamon and baking spices. The aromas are all classic bourbon-seasoned Speyside, a delicious combination of orchard fruits and caramel-vanilla goodness. I still can’t shake the idea of apple crisp!

On the Tongue

Again classic Spey flavours are delivered, with all the juicy pear and ripe red apples you can handle. There is also something interestingly complex going on in the background… Floral, herbaceous, delicious!  It is sweet but not overly so. There might be a touch more oak than I remember in the 20yr version and there is less pepper heat – today it’s a bit more like chilli-flavoured dark chocolate. The finish is longish, with more of a mineral character that combines with the oak to create a strong sensation of pencil shavings, which is joined by citrus pith and a bit of licoricey anise seed or fennel seed, I can’t quite decide!

Final Thoughts

I don’t know that there should be much difference between a 20yr and 21yr bottling of the same vintage whisky. And, to be honest, I don’t know whether I have found much difference between the two. My tasting notes for this bottle don’t quite match those from last year’s younger bottling but I can’t decide whether the differences are legitimate or just due to timing and circumstance. But let me tell you what matters here – The Glenrothes 1995, 21 yr old is an insanely good whiskey and a ridiculously good value! I hope there will be a 2017 bottling out next year!