A Wee Dram… Glenfarclas 15 and 25

Last night, I had the pleasure of a night out with my buddy Richard and our wives at a craft-beer event hosted by a local watering hole that is managed by one of our friends. Well, it’s certainly good to know people in high places… Our friend knows that I love a good whisky and, soon enough, generous drams of Glenfarclas 15 were sent over to our table. Shortly thereafter, we were also surprised with a second whisky to sample, the Glenfarclas 25, which gave me the perfect opportunity to compare the two whiskies side-by-side.  So this is actually two wee drams!

Glenfarclas 15

A soon as my glass was placed in front of me, I received a nose full of sherry. Grapey, wine-soaked oak, along with some nice citrus notes that eventually made way for vanilla. On the palate, I was surprised by how dominant the wood notes were but this was balanced quite nicely by a toasty malt-sweetness and a thread of smoke. The finish was medium, with a return of jammy berries from the sherry casks, more oak and a herbal-mint flourish at the end. Very nice, but maybe a little young-tasting compared to what I was expecting. This whisky is bottled at 46%abv. (Richard preferred this dram over the 25, stating that he loved the bold sherry and heavy oak character of this whisky.)

Glenfarclas 25

This whisky was a slightly lower 43% abv which was certainly enough to deliver an abundance of aroma and flavour. The nose was similar to the 15 but, in my opinion, more well-rounded with the addition of a floral, heathery quality. On the palate, the 25 restrains the wood notes better than the younger expression, allowing that floral character to come through as an interesting, almost-willowy note. There is also a sense of mint-chocolate, coupled with that same toasted malt-sweetness that might have a touch of honey about it this time. The 25 has a slightly longer finish, with the same big, sherried flavours and dry oakiness. This whisky, however, left me with lingering sensations of rose water and marmalade that I didn’t detect on the 15. (Obviously, I preferred the balance and nuance of 25 but both were fine whiskies!)

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