Just a Thought… The Canadian Glencairn

So here’s the deal… I’m Canadian and I drink whisky. Obviously It’s about time that I got myself a Canadian Glencairn glass!

Maybe it’s a little pretentious but I don’t think there are too many people left who consider themselves serious whisky drinkers and just use any old glass. Myself, I’ve been rather partial about the original Glencairn for quite some time now. My first was a gift, brought to me from the Glenfiddich distillery a few years back by a buddy. Shortly after, my lovely wife got me a box of six more as a Christmas present so I wouldn’t have to be “the only nerd at the table” when friends were over for a dram.  Ever since, I have appreciated that the glass allows me to control the temperature of my whisky by either holding the base or the bowl and I do find that he tulip-shape does a great job of concentrating the whisky’s aromas.

I’ve been aware of the Glencairn glass designed specifically for Canadian drammer’s for quite a while but I’ve been content enough with the original that it felt unnecessary to order some online. Last weekend, however, I added two glasses to my cupboard. My wife and I snuck away for a weekend getaway in Jasper National Park and, after spending a good chunk of one day hiking through the beautiful natural scenery, we spent a couple hours in the town of Jasper, perusing the many interesting shops. It was in a store called Bearfoot in the Park (Very punny, I know!), where I came across some Canadian whisky glasses. At about $14 bucks apiece, I had a hard time coming up with good reasons not to add a couple to my repertoire!

Jasper National Park… Yeah, we’re pretty lucky here in Alberta!

So, the Canadian version of the Glencairn looks a little like the love child of the original and a typical rocks glass…Kind of like a small fishbowl. It has a shape that is similar to the regular Glencairn but it has a larger bowl, is significantly wider and is minus the base.


My first Glencairn and one of the new additions.

I do like how it feels in my hand and I did think that the shape helped in nosing my drop of Forty Creek, compared to a rocks glass, and it did actually seem like I could take a sip without tipping my head back quite as far… Not sure if that’s all that advantageous, though! The box states that this glass “delivers whisky to the tip of the tongue for the fullest taste experience” and that the “larger size is versatile whether serving whisky neat or in mixed drinks.” The only advantage in this glass, then, would seem to be that it could accommodate some mix. However, since I rearely mix cocktails, I expect that I will usually stick with the traditional Glencairn, which is a terrific glass!

I should add that although I very  rarely mix cocktails, I did try something new in the bigger glass…

I had a bottle of the recently released Pepsi Ginger soft drink in my fridge and the first sip was interesting and surprisingly gingery. Since I used to enjoy rye and ginger ale, I figured What the hell, let’s give ‘er a go! Mixing my whisky about 1-to-1 with the Pepsi Ginger along with a splash of lime soda and a couple of ice cubes was actually pretty darn tasty!


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