A Wee Dram…. Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

By now, most whisky drinkers – especially Canadian ones – know the story of master distiller, John K. Hall and his Forty Creek whiskies. There is usually a bottle of the flagship Barrel Select in my cupboard, since it can do double duty as a suitable sipper for me and as a tip-notch mixer for my buddies. This sample of the Double Barrel Reserve, which is a step or two up in the core range, came with my most recent bottle of the standard offering, so it seems like the perfect opportunity for a quick Wee Dram!

This golden yellow drop has a subtle nose, mostly dominated by vanilla, with a hint of butterscotch and a touch of nuttiness. Wow! On the palate, this is the most toffee-like drop I have ever tasted… it’s unmistakeable and kind of surprising, actually! Toffee eventually gives way to creamy Werther’s Original candies (Which doesn’t sound much different, I know, but the change of flavour is distinct!) with a bit of oakiness and rye spice riding shotgun. The finish is long and delicious, with vanilla, lemon zest and oatmeal cookies.

Delicious whisky, this one! I’ve always thought Forty Creek had a little more of a bourbon-like character than most Canadian whiskies and this Double Barrel Reserve is even more reminiscent of a fine bourbon. I love it… and I should probably go buy a full sized bottle for a proper review!

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