Welcome to my new blog!

I suppose if you have stumbled across this site, it’s for the simple reason that you enjoy whisky… I’m sure you must like the drink, and I’m guessing you have an interest in learning more about it. At the very least you are at a point in your dramming journey where you are curious about what others might have to say about this most-wonderful of spirits! After all, why else would you be spending your time reading words put down by some nobody like me?

Before I lose your interest and send you back-buttoning it back to Google to find the reviews you were hoping for, I do want to introduce myself and tell you why I’ve created this blog and what I hope it will be.

I’m just a guy… Mid thirties, with a decent job and the very good fortune to have three beautiful, very active young kids and a wonderful wife. In short, enjoying the occasional dram is just about the only “hobby” I have time for anymore! I guess I’ve always been a whisky drinker, but that used to mean that rye and coke was my drink of choice. I remember that my first taste of scotch was From a bottle of Chivas Regal that my brother got from somewhere, and it seemed pretty revolting to me at the time. Somewhere along the way, however, I started to enjoy my rye on the rocks and, eventually, I began to sip it neat. The rest is history – once I allowed myself to actually experience the aromas and flavours that the distillers were intending, I became fascinated with the nuances and subtleties that I could detect in each one.

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and whisky review sites for some time now and I’ve decided that I just might have something to offer. Namely, I want to write some reviews of the whiskies I sample from a “regular-joe” point of view… nothing pretentious, without any of the over-the-top descriptions that I occasionally read, which leave me confused and experience a little bit of palate envy. I’m also writing this blog for me – I’d kind of like to have a record of what whiskies I’ve sampled and what I thought of them!

My reviews will never carry a percentage ranking because I don’t believe There’s any point even attempting to pinpoint the quality of a dram to this level of specificity but also because any number that I might assign would be nothing more than a reflection of my enjoyment of the drink – you might like the same whisky more or less than I do, and that is YOUR right, and one of the things that makes enjoying whisky so damned interesting! Finally, while I may speak to the presentation of the bottle, etc., I hope to never let this play into my description of a whisky’s quality – a whisky’s good because of how it reacts with your senses, not because you paid an extra $25 for the pretty box it came in, right! No, my reviews will focus on four elements:
To the Eye
On the Nose
In the Mouth
Final Thoughts

That’s more than enough, already, and more than I intended for my intro… Enjoy your whiskies and I hope you enjoy my blog.



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